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Engineers investigate a simple, no-bake recipe to make bricks from Martian soil

This is a brick made of Martian soil simulant compacted under pressure. The brick was made without any additional ingredients and without baking. Credit: Jacobs...
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Gender differences in depression appear at age 12

The analysis, based on existing studies that looked at more than 3.5 million people in more than 90 countries, confirmed that depression affects far...
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The upside of worrying

New paper by UCR'S Kate Sweeny argues that worrying has its benefits. Credit: © peshkova / Fotolia Worry -- it does a body good. And, the...
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DNA from extinct humans discovered in cave sediments

This is an entrance to the archaeological site of Vindija Cave, Croatia. Credit: MPI f. Evolutionary Anthropology/ J. Krause While there are numerous prehistoric sites in...
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Scythian horse breeding unveiled: Lessons for animal domestication

These are Kazakh horses in North Central Kazakhstan. Credit: Ludovic Orlando, Natural History Museum of Denmark, CNRS. Nomad Scythian herders roamed vast areas spanning the Central...
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Tibetan people have multiple adaptations for life at high altitudes

Tibetan plateau with grazing yaks and brown mountains. Credit: © Belozorova Elena / Fotolia The Tibetan people have inherited variants of five different genes that help...
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Intergalactic gas and ripples in the cosmic web

This schematic representation illustrates the technique used to probe the small-scale structure of the cosmic web using light from a rare quasar pair. Credit: J....
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Resource availability drives person-to-person variations in microbes living in the body

Every human is home to a collection of thousands of diverse species of microbes known as the microbiota. Ecological processes, such as competition for...
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Ice cave in Transylvania yields window into region’s past

Panoramic view of an ice cliff inside the Sc?ri?oara Ice Cave, where the research was done. Credit: Gigi Fratila & Claudiu Szabo Ice cores drilled from...
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Robotic cheetah created

Cheetah robot. Credit: Image courtesy of University of Twente University of Twente researcher Geert Folkertsma has developed a prototype cheetah robot. Folkertsma has dedicated four years...
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Tsunami formation: Study challenges long-held theory

Tsunami warning sign (stock image). Credit: © Petr Malyshev / Fotolia A new NASA study is challenging a long-held theory that tsunamis form and acquire their...