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Physicists offer explanation for diverse galaxy rotations

Hai-Bo Yu is an assistant professor of theoretical particle physics and astrophysics at UC Riverside. Credit: I. Pittalwala, UC Riverside Identical twins are similar to each...
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Ozone recovery may be delayed by unregulated chemicals

The latest false-color view of total ozone over the Antarctic pole, as of June 26, 2017. The purple and blue colors are where there...
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Prairie-chicken nests appear unaffected by wind energy facility

Greater prairie-chickens' nest survival appears unaffected by proximity to a small wind energy facility in Nebraska. Credit: L. Powell Wind energy development in the Great Plains...
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Antibody protects against Zika and dengue, mouse study shows

An antibody administered soon after infection with Zika virus protected the fetuses of pregnant mice (left), while the fetuses in infected mice that did...
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Umbilical cord stem cells show promise as heart failure treatment

Illustration of the heart. Credit: Image courtesy of American Heart Association A heart failure treatment using umbilical cord-derived stem cells may lead to notable improvements in...
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Perovskite solar cells reach record long-term stability, efficiency over 20 percent

Structure of ?-CuSCN and cross-sectional SEM micrograph of a complete solar cell. Credit: M. Ibrahim Dar/EPFL Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) can offer high light-conversion efficiency with...
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Study estimates amount of water needed to carve Martian valleys

This is a depiction of Mars today and what a warm and wet ancient Mars might have looked like. Credit: Wei Luo, Northern Illinois University A...
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Enhancing the sensing capabilities of diamonds with quantum properties

This is an image of diamonds with different properties ready to be measured. Credit: Dima Farfurnik Pure diamond consists of carbon atoms in a perfect crystal...
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Teaching science subjects without training

Despite efforts from No Child Left Behind to promote 'highly qualified' teaching, recent research shows that just 36 percent of new secondary science teachers...
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Early trilobites had stomachs, new fossil study finds

This photo is of a specimen of the trilobite Palaeolenus lantenoisi from the Guanshan Biota in southern Yunnan Province, China. Rarely are internal organs...
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Summer could be one long heatwave if planet hits 2 degrees Celsius

Heatwaves will become a daily occurrence over summer in some regions even if global warming is kept to 2°C. Credit: © worawut2524 / Fotolia Summer in...