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Paleontologists identify new 507-million-year-old sea creature with can opener-like pincers

This specimen of Tokummia katalepsis shows a number of strong legs on the left partially protruding from the body, the shape of the bivalved...
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Working human forebrain circuits assembled in a lab dish

After spheroids representing two different brain regions fuse in a dish, neurons from one spheroid (green) migrate into the second and forge connections with...
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Changes that lightning inspires in rock quantified

The study examined a rock fulgurite -- a thin layer of glass that forms when lightning strikes a rock's surface. The sample was collected...
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Mastodon discovery shakes up understanding of early humans in the New World

A concentration of fossil bone and rock. The unusual positions of the femur heads, one up and one down, broken in the same manner...
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Smartphone-controlled cells help keep diabetes in check

Image shows bone progenitor cells labeled by red glow inside a cleared femur. Credit: A. Greenbaum et al., Science Translational Medicine (2017) Cells engineered to produce...
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Illuminating the secret of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms

This artistic conception summarizes one main finding from the present paper. Although all bioluminescent fungi emit green light (the true mushroom is the green...
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2-D materials can conduct electricity at almost the speed of light

UCI physicist Jing Xia (right, with graduate student Alex Stern) calls the fiber-optic Sagnac interferometer he built the most sensitive magnetic microscope in the...
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Genes that help trout find their way home

Scientists have identified genes that enable rainbow trout to use Earth’s magnetic field to find their way back to the streams where they were...
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Unique womb-like device could reduce mortality and disability for extremely premature babies

Medical researchers have developed an extra-uterine support device. They tested and monitored effects on fetal lambs, in which prenatal lung development is very similar...
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The evolution of dog breeds now mapped

The map of dog breeds, which is the largest to date, will likely help researchers identify disease-causing genes in both dogs and humans. Credit: ©...
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Environmental enrichment triggers mouse wound repair response

Mind-body medicine focuses on reducing the physiological manifestations of stress and anxiety by improving social and cognitive stimulation, as well as physical activity. Credit: ©...