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East Antarctica is sliding sideways: Ice loss on West Antarctica affecting mantle flow below

Antarctica. Credit: Dave Pape, Public Domain It's official: East Antarctica is pushing West Antarctica around. Now that West Antarctica is losing weight--that is, billions of tons...
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Widespread snowmelt in West Antarctica during unusually warm summer

AWARE instruments at the WAIS Divide field camp in central West Antarctica in December 2015 under a spectacular optical display ("sun dog") due to...
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Biodegradable cleaning products and eco-friendly plastics from mushroom waste

Compounds extracted from mushroom waste. Credit: Image courtesy of Asociación RUVID More than 50,000 tonnes of mushroom waste are generated in Europe each week, posing an...
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The birth and death of a tectonic plate

Ocean-bottom seismometers aboard the R/V Welcoma were deployed in the first year of the Cascadia Initiative. Credit: Dave O'Gorman Several hundred miles off the Pacific Northwest...
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Text messaging effective support in treatment of HIV and tuberculosis

José António Nhavoto. Credit: Image courtesy of Örebro Universitet Mobile phone text messaging is a powerful tool for improving quality of care, as shown by José...
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Most modern horses are descendants of recently imported Oriental stallions

Lipizzan horse galloping in winter. Credit: © Viktoria Makarova / Fotolia Researchers who have analyzed the Y chromosomes of more than 50 horses representing 21 breeds...
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Incremental discovery may one day lead to photosynthetic breakthrough

Ten-week-old Arabidopsis plants highlight the striking effect of the absence of CP12 on plant growth. From left to right: wild-type plant with normal levels...
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Why there are so many species of tropical trees and other organisms

This is an exit hole drilled in a black oak acorn by an insect that lays its egg on the developing flowers and hatches...
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Climate change damages US economy, increases inequality

County-level annual damages in the median scenario for the climate from 2080 to 2099 under a business-as-usual emissions trajectory. Negative damages indicate economic benefits. Credit:...
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Social status of listener alters our voice

Men and women might speak with higher-pitched voices towards high status people because a low-pitched voice sounds dominant, particularly in men, while a high-pitched...
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Seeing the forest through the trees with a new LiDAR system

This is a specially designed laser system and a new methodology based on gated digital holography enable LiDAR to see through obscuring elements like...