People who want to introduce collagen supplements into their diets and skin care but have been discouraged from doing so because of their bovine and porcine origins may now have a viable alternative in marine collagen.

Marine collagen, typically extracted from the scales of certain fish species, is shown in tests to have a positive effect on facial skin quality by improving moisture and elasticity.

The Test

The tests, which were performed with the help of sixty-two Taiwanese women between 23 to 60 years of age, were carried out by isolating Fish Scale Collagen Peptides (FSCPs) from tilapia scales, subjecting them to a process called enzymatic hydrolysis, and eventually turning them into skin essences with varying formulations.

These skin essences were then applied on the test subjects’ face twice a day for 30 days and the facial skin’s moisture and elasticity were then measured every other week.

Results showed a significant increase in both moisture and elasticity following the tests, although figures varied depending on what time the test was conducted and how much skin essence was applied.

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This can be good news as collagen supplements and skincare products have been traditionally sourced from pigs and cattle which prevent some people from using them either due to fear of bovine and porcine diseases like Foot and Mouth Disease, the prohibition on the consumption of pork or application of porcine based products by their religious denomination, or their personal stand in the consumption or usage of meat products and by-products in general.

Supplements and skincare products with marine collagen like Taut’s Premium Collagen Intense Transformation have actually been in the market for some time now; however, they haven’t gotten as much attention as their more established bovine and porcine counterparts due to their relatively late entry into the market.

With the results of this study, that might soon change.


Huey-Jine Chai, Jing-Hua Li, Han-Ning Huang, et al., “Effects of Sizes and Conformations of Fish-Scale Collagen Peptides on Facial Skin Qualities and Transdermal Penetration Efficiency,” Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, vol. 2010, Article ID 757301, 9 pages, 2010.


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