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A unique data center for cosmological simulations

Visualizations of the simulated distributions of gas and stars in the Universe from data provided by Cosmowebportal: The cube represents a space section of...
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Cloudy with a chance of radiation: NASA studies simulated radiation

Earth observation of the space environment taken during a night pass by Dr. Kjell Lindgren of the Expedition 44 crew during Scott Kelly's One-Year...
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Why social isolation can bring a greater risk of illness

The effect of sleep and social isolation on protein folding. Credit: Michael Paolini & Sarah Ly. Adpated from Colwell (2007) Nature Neuroscience Social isolation has been...
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New photoacoustic technique detects gases at parts-per-quadrillion level

Using a new technique a device can detect gases, such as environmental pollutants, in extremely minute concentrations. Credit: Gerald Diebold A team of researchers has found...
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Astronomers detect orbital motion in pair of supermassive black holes

Artist's conception of the pair of supermassive black holes at the center of the galaxy 0402+379, 750 million light-years from Earth. Credit: Josh Valenzuela/University of...
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Blue-winged Amazon: A new parrot species from the Yucatán Peninsula

The male of the new Amazona is pictured. Credit: Tony Silva; CC BY 4.0 The newly identified Blue-winged Amazon parrot has a loud, short call and...
Chimpanzee monkey Image by Mohammed Ajwad via Unsplash

Chimpanzee ‘super strength’ and what it might mean in human muscle evolution

Chimpanzee muscle makes those creatures super strength. But what it might mean to the evolution of the human's muscle? Is there any visible bond...
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The dust storm microbiome

Dust storm in Timna Park is shown. Credit: Weizmann Institute of Science Israel is subjected to sand and dust storms from several directions: northeast from the...
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Genes underlying dogs’ social ability revealed

The dog is the oldest domesticated animal and during thousands of years it has adapted to a life among humans. During this period dogs...
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Could humans ever regenerate a heart? A new study suggests the answer is ‘yes’

Study scientists examined the genes of the starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis) shown here. Sea anemones are related to corals and jellyfish, and are...
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On warming Antarctic Peninsula, moss and microbes reveal unprecedented ecological change

This is a Polytrichum strictum moss peat formation. Credit: British Antarctic Survey By carefully analyzing a 150-year-old moss bank on the Antarctic Peninsula, researchers reporting in...