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Chatter in the deep brain spurs empathy in rats

Duke researchers tracked how signals ping back and forth within the brain during empathic decision-making in rats. (Stock image) Credit: © mrks_v / Fotolia It's a...
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Gaps remain in surveillance for mosquitoes that transmit Zika, new CDC data shows

A county-level survey conducted in 2015 and 2016 by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the historic occurrence of Aedes aegypti...
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Case for sexual transmission of Zika virus strengthened

Although Zika is primarily thought of as mosquito-borne illness, sexual transmission plays an important role in the spread of the virus. Weeks or even...
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Boaty McBoatface returns home from abyss

Boaty being deployed. Credit: Povl Abrahamsen, BAS Researchers at the University of Southampton have captured unprecedented data about some of the coldest abyssal ocean waters on...
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In Turkey, carved skulls provide the first evidence of a neolithic ‘skull cult’

This is a pillar from Building D at Göbekli Tepe seen from the southeast. Credit: German Archaeological Institute (DAI) In Turkey, Carved Skulls Provide the First...
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Turning the climate tide by 2020

Screenshot of visualization "A Year in the life of Earth's CO2. Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center The world needs high-speed climate action for an immediate...
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Study reveals mysterious equality with which grains pack it in

A huge range of materials are classified as granular – including sand, gravel, snow, nuts, coal, rice, barley, coffee and cereals. Globally, they are...
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What’s on your skin? Archaea, that’s what

Hoi-Ying Holman, director of the Berkeley Synchrotron Infrared Structural Biology (BSISB) Program, has developed a technique using the Advanced Light Source to rapidly screen...
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Higher IQ in childhood is linked to a longer life

Smart kids can look forward to a long life, study suggests. Credit: © Mikkel Bigandt / Fotolia Higher intelligence (IQ) in childhood is associated with a...
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Thirsty seeds reach for medicine cabinet

Cowpeas are a major source of protein. Growing them more reliably in areas with risk of drought increases food security. Credit: Martha Pings Just like humans...
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New insight into galaxy cluster’s spectacular ‘mini-halo’

VLA image of radio-emitting mini-halo in the Perseus Cluster of galaxies. Radio emission in red; optical in white. Credit: Gendron-Marsolais et al.; NRAO/AUI/NSF; NASA; SDSS. Astronomers...