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Potential ‘fountain of youth’ gene found

This is an atherosclerotic lesion. Such lesions can rupture and cause heart attacks and strokes.Credit: UVA School of Medicine A gene that scientific dogma insists...

Placental RNA may help protect embryo from viruses, study finds

A new University of Pennsylvania study found that placental cells are rich with lncRHOXF1 (red), which appears to offer the developing embryo protection from...

Intestinal worms boost immune system in a surprising way

Lymph node follicles (top) and the intestinal worm Heligmosomoides polygyrus bakeri (bottom).Credit: © N. Harris (EPFL) In order to fight invading pathogens, the immune system...

Clinical study suggests the origin of glioblastoma subtypes

Glioblastoma density maps reveal that glioblastoma tend to occur in proximity to the subventricular zone.Credit: UC San Diego Health Researchers at University of California San...