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Evolution purged many Neanderthal genes from human genome

Evolution purged many Neanderthal genes from human genome. Credit: Jaysmark, Flickr, CC BY Larger populations allowed humans to shed weakly deleterious gene variants that were...

Inbred Neanderthals left humans a genetic burden

A Neanderthal skeleton, left, compared with a modern human skeleton. Credit: American Museum of Natural History The Neanderthal genome included harmful mutations that made the...

The genetic history of Ice Age Europe

Three ~31,000-year-old skulls from Dolni Vestonice in the Czech Republic. For the next five thousand years, all samples analyzed in this study -- whether...

Modern men lack Y chromosome genes from Neanderthals

Although it's widely known that modern humans carry traces of Neanderthal DNA, a new international study led by researchers at the Stanford University School...