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Why does Mercury have such a big iron core? Magnetism!

A new study disputes the prevailing hypothesis on why Mercury has a big core relative to its mantle. For decades, scientists argued that hit-and-run...

Researchers find Greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury

Research reveals that the amount of toxic mercury in the Greenland glacial meltwaters are the similar to amounts found in highly industrialized areas. This...

Great valley found on Mercury

A high-resolution digital elevation model derived from stereo images obtained by NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft has revealed Mercury's great valley shown here in this 3D...

Surface of Mercury arose from deep inside the planet

A beautiful view of Mercury's horizon. In this scene, which was acquired looking from the shadows toward the sunlit side of the planet, a...

Satellites to see Mercury enter spotlight on May 9

2016 Mercury transit path. Transits provide a great opportunity to study the way planets and stars move in space -- information that has been...