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Earth’s interior is swallowing up more carbon than thought

Scientists from Cambridge University and NTU Singapore have found that slow-motion collisions of tectonic plates drag more carbon into Earth's interior than previously thought. They...

Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets

Comets delivered carbon to rocky planets, and an icy visitor from the edge of our solar system hurtled past Earth in early 2016 to...

Scientists shed light on carbon’s descent into the deep Earth

Valerio Cerantola, corresponding author and postdoctoral scientist at the ESRF, at ESRF ID27 high pressure beamline.Credit: ESRF Examining conditions within the Earth's interior is crucial...

Earth’s carbon points to planetary smashup

The ratio of volatile elements in Earth's mantle suggests that virtually all of the planet's life-giving carbon came from a collision with an embryonic...