Astronomy and Space

Astronomy is one of the oldest branches of science.

It fascinated humans from the earliest times. Using telescopes and satellites people observe the skies, as well as theoretical and simulation work.

Astronomy and Space Science.

Astronomers study how the Universe began and evolved to its present state, how galaxies form and why our solar system looks as it does. Astronomers and space scientists at the universities around the world are one of the world’s best, working on answers to these and other questions identified in science challenges.

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Ancient impacts on Mars likely enhanced climate conditions for life.Credit: NASA The bombardment of Mars some 4 billion years ago by comets and asteroids as large as West Virginia likely enhanced climate conditions enough to make the planet more conducive...
The artistic concept shows NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft. Credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T Pyle A team of astronomers including a San Francisco State University researcher has discovered a new planet orbiting a pair of stars, the 10th "circumbinary" planet discovered by NASA's...