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as you certainly have noticed, our website was offline for a few days – in today’s fast-moving world of science news, this must have felt to you like an eternity (it sure did to us!). Without getting into boring details, the reasons were an unfortunate combination of technical issues and bad service with our previous hosting provider.

We can only apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and assure you that we will continue working hard to bring you Monday to Friday the most relevant science news, in a timely manner, and on different channels for your easiest and preferred access. Besides the website, you can find the same science news on Facebook, Twitter, and our iPhone and Android apps – plus select content on a few other channels like our weekly and monthly newsletters with the most popular 10 articles.

Please do not hesitate sending us your comments, critics, and any other feedback !


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The ScienceBulletin team

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