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Brain guides body much sooner than previously believed

New research from Tufts University biologists shows that the nascent brain shapes normal body patterning and protects against developmental defects while the brain itself...
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Tree-dwelling, coconut-cracking giant rat discovered in Solomon Islands

This is an illustration of the new species, Uromys vika. Credit: Velizar Simeonovski, The Field Museum Remember the movie The Princess Bride, when the characters debate...
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New light shed on how Earth and Mars were created

This is a snapshot of a computer simulation of two (relatively small) planets colliding with each other. The colours show how the rock of...
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Energy harvested from evaporation could power much of US

The southern and western United States have the greatest capacity to produce evaporation-generated power from lakes and reservoirs, a new study in Nature Communications...
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Video game boosts sex health IQ and attitudes in minority teens

PlayForward is a serious role-playing video game that engages youth with a variety of challenges and choices in fictional yet realistic life situations. Credit: Lynn...
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Naked molecules dancing in liquid become visible

The graphene pocket. IBS scientists produced thin but robust graphene pockets (top) in order to visualize moving molecules under a standard transmission electron microscope...
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Black-white earnings gap returns to 1950 levels

The changing economy has been hard on all workers with less than a high school education, but especially devastating for black men, say authors...
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Deaths attributed to low levels of education: Lack of education as deadly as smoking

Another reason to get an education. Longer life. Credit: © Rawpixel / Fotolia A new study by researchers at the University of Colorado, New York University,...
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Students have trouble judging the credibility of information online, researchers find

A new report shows a dismaying inability by students to reason about information they see on the Internet. Credit: © Kaspars Grinvalds / Fotolia When it...
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Magnetic fields to alleviate anxiety

People suffering from a fear of heights experience the anxiety also in virtual reality – even though they are aware that they are not...
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Beliefs about all-knowing gods fosters co-operation

Researchers looked at how religion affects humans' willingness to co-operate with those outside their social circle. They found that beliefs about all-knowing gods fosters...