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What changes when you warm the Antarctic Ocean just 1 degree? Lots

This photograph shows a morning commute in Antarctica. Credit: Gail Ashton After warming a natural seabed in the Antarctic Ocean by just 1° or...
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How certain ants snap their jaws shut in the blink of an eye

For clues into how Myrmoteras executes its power-amplified strike, scientists examined the ants first under a microscope, then using micro computed tomography...
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New hope for reef fish living in a high CO2 world

This is an orange clownfish, Amphiprion percula, living in symbiosis with a host anemone. Credit: Alejandro Usobiaga Just as when a camera lens comes...
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Yawning: Why is it so contagious and why should it matter?

Our ability to resist yawning when someone else near us yawns is limited. Credit: © Garrincha / Fotolia Feeling tired? Even if we aren't...
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Cosmic environments and their influence in star formation

Simulations of the cosmic web. The filaments connecting structures are shown. Such structures are predicted by numerical simulations of matter distribution in...
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Scents and social preference: Neuroscientists ID the roots of attraction

A confocal image of a tadpole brain reveals dopaminergic (green) neurons, the type increased in typical kinship recognition, and GABAergic (red) neurons,...
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Reconstructing life at its beginning, cell by cell

The virtual embryo offers predictions which cells express -- for example -- the genes even skipped (red) and twist (green). To appreciate...