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Paleontologist aids in new discovery 33 years after finding fossil

Reconstruction of Morturneria. Credit: S. J. Godfrey In 1984, Sankar Chatterjee - curator of paleontology for the Museum of Texas Tech University - and his student,...
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Metallurgy likely has more than one birthplace

Copper bead from Çatalhöyük. It consists of very pure copper in metal form, as found in nature. Credit: M. Radivojevi?, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 When and where...
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Was the primordial soup a hearty pre-protein stew?

Discovering paths the chemicals of life likely took on Earth could make it possible to calculate probabilities of life on other planets. Credit: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech The primordial...
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Zika virus kills brain cancer stem cells

Brain cancer stem cells (left) are killed by Zika virus infection (image at right shows cells after Zika treatment). A new study shows that...
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The sniff test of self-recognition confirmed: Dogs have self-awareness

Dogs have the ability to recognize themselves, research shows. (Stock image) Credit: © Africa Studio / Fotolia A new research carried out by the Department of...
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‘Extreme’ telescopes find the second-fastest-spinning pulsar

The Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR), a network of thousands of linked radio antennas, primarily located in the Netherlands, has discovered two new millisecond pulsars by...
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Discovery of boron on Mars adds to evidence for habitability

A selfie of the NASA Curiosity rover at the Murray Buttes in Gale Crater, Mars, a location where boron was found in light-toned calcium...
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Contagious yawning more closely associated with perceptual sensitivity than empathy

Participants of the study were asked to judge whether the people in the photos were yawning or not. Credit: Chia-huei Tseng Contagious yawning is a universal...
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Swings in dad’s testosterone affects the family — for better or worse — after...

Hormones levels in new dads affect mood and relationships, researchers say. (Stock image) Credit: © Monkey Business / Fotolia Postpartum depression is often associated with mothers,...
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Tiny nanopackages built out of DNA help scientists peek at how neurons work

Using a unique method involving nanocapsules made out of DNA, researchers studied a little-understood signaling process (lit up in color in the...
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Why does rubbing a balloon on your hair make it stick?

Changes in microstructure, such as this void and fibrils created by straining a polymer sheet, appear to control how the material charges...