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Common painkillers linked to heart failure

Image credit: Flickr/Gary H Widely used prescription and non-prescription painkillers are associated with an increased risk of hospital admission for heart failure, according to a...

Scientists Find Evidence for Alternate Theory of How Life Arose

A new study led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) offers a twist on a popular theory for how life on Earth...

Alcohol Shown to Act in Same Way as Rapid Antidepressants

Can having a few drinks help people with clinical depression feel better? Yes. At least in terms of biochemistry. In a study published in the current...
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ALMA Catches Stellar Cocoon with Curious Chemistry

This artist's impression shows the molecules found in a hot molecular core in the Large Magellanic Cloud using ALMA. This core is the first...
Promising biomaterial to build better bones with 3 D printing

Promising Biomaterial to Build Better Bones with 3-D Printing

Cross-section of a 3-D printed adult human femur.Image Credit:Northwestern University   3-D printable ink produces a synthetic bone filler that induces bone regeneration A Northwestern Engineering research...
Pandoras Cluster Seen by Spitzer

‘Pandora’s Cluster’ Seen by Spitzer

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech This image of galaxy cluster Abell 2744, also called Pandora's Cluster, was taken by the Spitzer Space Telescope. The gravity of this galaxy...
TUM researchers l r Fabian Steiner Georg Böcherer and Patrick Schulte with the statue of Claude Shannon father of information theory.

Optical fiber transmits one terabit per second

TUM researchers (l-r) Fabian Steiner, Georg Böcherer, and Patrick Schulte with the statue of Claude Shannon, father of information theory.Credit: Denise Panyik-Dale/Alcatel-Lucent Nokia Bell Labs,...

Dementia: Catching the memory thief

It's over a hundred years since the first case of Alzheimer's disease was diagnosed. Since then we've learned a great deal about the protein...
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New insight into eye diseases

This image shows how transferred genes activate the stem cell properties of normally dormant retinal cells.Credit: Image courtesy of Yale University Many diseases that lead...
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Key to manufacturing more efficient solar cells

Credit: © petroleumjelliffe / Flickr In a discovery that could have profound implications for future energy policy, Columbia scientists have demonstrated it is possible to...

Epigenetic clock predicts life expectancy

UCLA geneticist Steve Horvath led a team of 65 scientists in seven countries to record age-related changes to human DNA, calculate biological age and...