The dog is the oldest domesticated animal and during thousands of years it has adapted to a life among humans. During this period dogs have developed unique abilities to communicate and cooperate with humans. Credit: © Halfpoint / Fotolia The social ability of dogs is affected by genes that also seems to influence human behaviour,

Study scientists examined the genes of the starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis) shown here. Sea anemones are related to corals and jellyfish, and are composed of an outer skin armed with stinging cells (cnidocytes) and a tube shaped gut, with nothing in the middle. Credit: Photo courtesy of the Whitney Lab for Marine Bioscience When

This is a Polytrichum strictum moss peat formation. Credit: British Antarctic Survey By carefully analyzing a 150-year-old moss bank on the Antarctic Peninsula, researchers reporting in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, on August 29 describe an unprecedented rate of ecological change since the 1960s driven by warming temperatures. “Whilst moss and amoebae may not

Areas burnt after the fire in Oia (Pontevedra) in which more than 1,800 hectares burned in 2013. Credit: Contando estrelas The impact of forest fires is becoming ever greater on the Iberian Peninsula and climate change is partly to blame. In order to evaluate the effect of an increase in temperatures, Spanish and Portuguese researchers

The impact of climate change in the Central Pyrenees has been greater since 1970, particularly in the spring and summer months. Credit: Javier Sigró The Iberian Peninsula is undergoing climate change, with temperatures on the rise, and mountain ranges are not exempt from this trend. A team of scientists has analysed regional climate series from

Older couple. Credit: © denissimonov / Fotolia More frequent sexual activity has been linked to improved brain function in older adults, according to a study by the universities of Coventry and Oxford. Researchers found that people who engaged in more regular sexual activity scored higher on tests that measured their verbal fluency and their ability

Berkeley Lab scientist Gary Andersen led a study that identified all of the principal oil-degrading bacteria in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Credit: Berkeley Lab The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 is one of the most studied spills in history, yet scientists haven’t agreed on the role of

A panda in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve, snacks on bamboo. Efforts to conserve panda habitat have benefited both other animals and plants, but also has benefited humans by bolstering forests to sequester greenhouse gases, and retain water and soil. Credit: Sue Nichols, Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University Loving pandas isn’t just

Rendering of a nerve cell. Credit: © / Fotolia In a new systematic review in JAMA Neurology, Michigan Medicine researchers found reason to further explore the surprising effects of zolpidem that have been observed outside the scope of its primary Food and Drug Administration approval. “We saw a dramatic effect in a small amount

In the picture above, the same horizontal striped pattern has been added to all of the square backgrounds, yet the pattern is much harder to see on the left. These examples demonstrate the three main background properties that affect human ability to see objects: the luminance, the contrast and the similarity of the background to

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