The best explanation for the improvement in skills over time was the so-called ‘mutualism’ model. This model proposes that cognitive abilities help each other during development: In other words, better reasoning skills allow individuals to improve their vocabulary more quickly, and better vocabularies are associated with faster improvement in reasoning ability. Credit: © pathdoc /

Diversity in tomato fruit weight is explained in part by a mutation in the Cell Size Regulator gene that arose during domestication. Credit: Alexis Ramos and Esther van der Knaap, University of Georgia Athens GA 30602 CC-BY Farmers can grow big, juicy tomatoes thanks to a mutation in the Cell Size Regulator gene that occurred

This is a cluster of spring-loaded daggers inside a bacterium. Green shows them in their ‘loaded’ form, red after the dagger has been launched. Credit: Leo Popovich Bacteria have to watch out for amoeba. Hungry amoebae hunt them: they catch them with their pseudopodia and then absorb and digest them. However, some bacteria know how

A rosette sampler captures water at specified depths at Station ALOHA. Credit: Tara Clemente, UH M?noaenter Microbes dominate the planet, especially the ocean, and help support the entire marine food web. In a recent report published in Nature Microbiology, University of Hawai’i at M?noa (UHM) oceanography professor Ed DeLong and his team report the largest

High-tech fabric intended for gloves and other military clothing contains silver mesh (silver nanowires or ‘AgNW’) that could be heated to keep soldiers warm, while a hydrogel layer would absorb sweat. Credit: US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center Soldiering in arctic conditions is tough. Protective clothing can be heavy and can cause

Illustration shows a likely configuration of a gravitational lensing system discovered by OVRO. The ‘milli-lens’ is located in or near the intervening spiral galaxy. The lens is magnifying blobs of jet material within the active galaxy PKS1413+135, but the blobs are too small to be seen in the radio image (top left), taken by MOJAVE.

Candy cane supercapacitor. Credit: Stoyan Smoukovy Supercapacitors promise recharging of phones and other devices in seconds and minutes as opposed to hours for batteries. But current technologies are not usually flexible, have insufficient capacities, and for many their performance quickly degrades with charging cycles. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the University

Dysregulated energy balance can result in obesity. Credit: Image courtesy of Hiroshima University NPGL, a recently discovered protein involved in brain signalling, has been found to increase fat storage by the body — even when on a low-calorie diet In addition, NPGL was shown to increase appetite in response to high caloric food intake, suggesting

The JDP2 gene, encoding a transcription factor protein, is a prognostic marker with unfavorable outcome in colon adenocarcinoma. Credit: Human Protein Atlas A new Pathology Atlas is launched today with an analysis of all human genes in all major cancers showing the consequence of their corresponding protein levels for overall patient survival. The difference in

Marathon runners. Credit: © pavel1964 / Fotolia Elite athletes work hard to excel in sports, but they may also get a natural edge from the bacteria that inhabit their digestive tracts. Scientists have now tapped into the microbiome of exceptional runners and rowers, and have identified particular bacteria that may aid athletic performance. The goal

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