Artist’s abstraction (stock image). Hypothetically, matter can have negative mass in the same sense that an electric charge can be either negative or positive. With negative mass, if you push something, it accelerates toward you. Credit: © ktsdesign / Fotolia Washington State University physicists have created a fluid with negative mass, which is exactly what

A bearded capuchin monkey cracks open a stably-placed palm nut with a stone for a hammer. Credit: Barth Wright Bearded capuchin monkeys deliberately place palm nuts in a stable position on a surface before trying to crack them open, revealing their capacity to use tactile information to improve tool use. The results are published February

While Penicillia are already industrially used in the production of antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes and in the manufacturing of food products, new research reveals that their potential for production of novel antibiotics is far from exhausted. Penicillia are naturally found in temperate climates growing on organic matter, including soil, plant material, dung and food

The scientists conducted their experiments in Staphylococcus aureus, a common cause of skin, sinus and lung infections. Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A study from Indiana University has found evidence that extremely small changes in how atoms move in bacterial proteins can play a big role in how these microorganisms function and evolve.

Many modern mammals, like this wood mouse, are nocturnal, thanks to evolutionary developments such as night vision in their distant ancestors, Stanford researchers say. Credit: © val31ru / Fotoliaa Our earliest mammalian ancestors likely skulked through the dark, using their powerful night-time vision to find food and avoid reptilian predators that hunted by day. This

Matthew Pase is lead author on two studies that link higher consumption of both sugary and artificially sweetened drinks to adverse brain effects. Credit: Cydney Scott Americans love sugar. Together we consumed nearly 11 million metric tons of it in 2016, according to the US Department of Agriculture, much of it in the form of

The Milky Way. Credit: © mandritoiu / Fotolia In addition to solo stars like our Sun, the universe contains binary systems comprising two massive stars that interact with each other. In many binaries the two stars are close enough to exchange matter and may even merge, producing a single high-mass star that spins at great

Honeybees create honey in their hive through the topped-out combs, and they keep beebread — their food — in the other combs. Credit: © gudrin / Fotolia Honeybees — employed to pollinate crops during the blooming season — encounter danger due to lingering and wandering pesticides, according to a new Cornell University study that analyzed

This is a reconstructed skull of Homo floresiensis. Credit: Stuart Hay, ANU The most comprehensive study on the bones of Homo floresiensis, a species of tiny human discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, has found that they most likely evolved from an ancestor in Africa and not from Homo erectus as has

The traps’ insides are lined with red glands (a) that work like a plant ‘stomach’ after a prey is caught. The glands secrete a digestive enzyme. This secretory mechanism was shown at the vesicle level in plants for the first time (b). The model illustration (c) shows that activated glands absorb calcium (Ca2+), thereby triggering

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