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Unexpected Excess of Giant Planets in Star Cluster Messier 67

This artist's impression shows a hot Jupiter planet orbiting close to one of the stars in the rich old star cluster Messier 67, in...

Was Planet 9 once an exoplanet; stolen by our sun

Planet 9 was most likely stolen by our sun 4.5 billion years ago. Credit: Image courtesy of Lund University Through a computer-simulated study, astronomers at...

Astronomers find giant planet around very young star

This false-color image from a sub-millimeter interferometric telescope shows the circumstellar disk of gas and dust that surrounds star CI Tau. Credit: Stephane Guilloteau/University...

A beautiful instance of stellar ornamentation

In this image from ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT), light from blazing blue stars energises the gas left over from the stars' recent formation....

Star with different internal driving force than the sun

On our star, the Sun, the sunspots are seen in a belt around the equator. Sunspots are cool areas caused by the strong magnetic...

Supermassive black holes may be lurking everywhere in the universe

A sky survey image of the massive galaxy NGC 1600, and a Hubble Space Telescope closeup of the bright center of the galaxy where...