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Scientists identify new drivers of rare cancer type

Section of adrenal cancer tissue under a microscope. The blue areas are the cell nuclei, and the cytoplasm is stained purple.Credit: University Hospital Würzburg Cancer...

Knowledge of positive cologuard test improves colonoscopy performance

An endoscopist's knowledge of a positive Cologuard test improves colonoscopy performance, according to a poster presentation at last week's Digestive Disease Week conference. Cologuard is...

Clinical study suggests the origin of glioblastoma subtypes

Glioblastoma density maps reveal that glioblastoma tend to occur in proximity to the subventricular zone.Credit: UC San Diego Health Researchers at University of California San...

Link between obesity, increased risk of colorectal cancer revealed

Obesity has long been associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer, but the link has never been understood. Now, a research team led by...