This is Sclerocormus parviceps, the newly described marine reptile. Credit: Copyright Da-yong Jiang Two hundred and fifty million years ago, life on earth was in a tail-spin–climate change, volcanic eruptions, and rising sea levels contributed to a mass extinction that makes the death of the dinosaurs look like child’s play. Marine life got hit hardest–96%

In this artist’s rendering of the Asilisaurus kongwe, the animal is shown as it would walk and move about. The stripes are artistic license, although the animal’s ‘proto-feathers’ are likely. ‘We have good reason to think they probably had some sort of simple feather-like structures … but we haven’t found evidence of this yet,” said

At the start of the simulation, a biped robot controlled by a computationally evolved brain stands upright on a 16 meter by 16 meter surface. The simulation proceeds until the robot falls or until 15 seconds have elapsed. Credit: Joel Lehman A computer science team at The University of Texas at Austin has found that

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