The crack through Larsen C ice shelf is visible as a dark line from bottom right to top left of this satellite image. Image captured on 26 October 2016.Credit: Image courtesy of British Antarctic Survey A huge iceberg, roughly the size of the county of Norfolk in the United Kingdom or the state of Delaware

Researchers will survey a new site Little Dome C, which is located 50 kms away from the French-Italian station of Concordia, based at Dome C. Credit: British Antarctic Survey First phase of project to collect 1.5 million years of climate data in Antarctica A team of European scientists heads to East Antarctica this month to

Location of the southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current front (white contour), with -1 degree Celsius sea surface temperature lines (black contours) on Sept. 22 each year from 2002-2009, plotted against a chart of the depth of the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The white cross is Bouvet Island. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Why has the sea ice cover surrounding

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