Watered streets of Houston. Credit: © Irina K. / Fotolia Southern cities such as Houston and Tampa — which faced the wrath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively — may not be the only urban environments vulnerable to extreme weather. Northern cities also face the potential for flooding as global temperatures continue to warm. In

The STEM enrichment activities have been running to encourage more children to develop science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. Credit: © wckiw / Fotolia Enrichment activities to encourage pupils to study science and technology subjects have made no difference to their performance in mathematics exams, new research shows. Data shows children who didn’t take

The interactions between team mates and opponents in basketball are constantly influencing each other while the game itself allows for creative behaviours to emerge. This phenomenon resembles the way in which living things must continually evolve in order to survive in nature, say scientists. Credit: © Monkey Business / Fotolia Behind the apparent randomness of

The artist’s rendering shows how potential wells are created for the light in the microresonator through heating with an external laser beam (green). Credit: David Dung, Universität Bonn Light particles (photons) occur as tiny, indivisible portions. Many thousands of these light portions can be merged to form a single super-photon if they are sufficiently concentrated

In 2014, when the carbon emissions growth was almost at a standstill, the world’s economy continued to grow by 3%. Credit: © kristo74 / Fotolia After a decade of rapid growth in global CO₂ emissions, which increased at an average annual rate of 4%, much smaller increases were registered in 2012 (0.8%), 2013 (1.5%) and

4,000 years ago, European women traveled far from their home villages to start their families, bringing with them new cultural objects and ideas. Credit: Stadtarchäologie Augsburg At the end of the Stone Age and in the early Bronze Age, families were established in a surprising manner in the Lechtal, south of Augsburg, Germany. The majority

Visualization of renal fibrosis in fractional anisotropy (FA) maps. The left panels indicate Sirius Red staining (fibrosis) and the right panels stand for FA maps. Credit: Osaka University Osaka University researchers, in collaboration with several Japanese companies, translate neuroimaging tools to study renal fibrosis in rat kidney. The technique is expected to replace the invasive

The JDP2 gene, encoding a transcription factor protein, is a prognostic marker with unfavorable outcome in colon adenocarcinoma. Credit: Human Protein Atlas A new Pathology Atlas is launched today with an analysis of all human genes in all major cancers showing the consequence of their corresponding protein levels for overall patient survival. The difference in

This is an iron-oxidizing microbial mat at the Trans-Atlantic Geotraverse hydrothermal vent field collected using a novel, syringe-based sampler deploy from the ROV Jason II. Credit: Photo taken by the ROV Jason II (courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the SNAPMORE cruise) Bacteria that live on iron were found for the first time at

This is the GJ832 system. Credit: Suman Satyal Astrophysicists at the University of Texas at Arlington have predicted that an Earth-like planet may be lurking in a star system just 16 light years away. The team investigated the star system Gliese 832 for additional exoplanets residing between the two currently known alien worlds in this

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