3D confocal image of differentiated fat cells showing ankyrin B-GLUT4 complexes (red isosurface dots) decorating the plasma membrane. Isosurface of lipid droplets and nuclei in gold and in blue, respectively. Credit: Courtesy of Damaris N. LorenzoC Obesity is often attributed to a simple equation: People are eating too much and exercising too little. But evidence

A new textile made from a reversible fabric could warm or cool wearers and keep them comfortable. Two layers of material with different abilities to release heat energy are stacked together and sandwiched between layers of polyethylene. Credit: Yi Cui Group   Stanford researchers have developed a reversible fabric that, without expending effort or energy,

Dinosaur tracks in Plagne, France (stock image). Credit: © nmnac01 / Fotolia In 2009, the world’s largest dinosaur tracks were discovered in the French village of Plagne, in the Jura Mountains. Since then, a series of excavations at the site has uncovered other tracks, sprawling over more than 150 meters. They form the longest sauropod

Mass extinction only occurred when the asteroid having 9-km diameter hit the orange areas.Credit: Kunio Kaiho An asteroid, also known as the Chicxulub Impactor, hit Earth some 66 million years ago, causing a crater 180 km wide. The impact of the asteroid heated organic matter in rocks and ejected it into the atmosphere, forming soot

Beyond limited shared preferences, people really do have different “types.” Credit: © Minerva Studio / Fotolia Many of us have had the experience of disagreeing with friends or family about which celebrity is more attractive. Now, researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on October 1 show in a study of twins that

University of Kansas Distinguished Professor Mabel Rice directs a longitudinal study of language development in 1,000 sets of Australian twins from birth through adolescence. Credit: Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, Western Australia A study of 473 sets of twins followed since birth found that compared to single-born children, 47 percent of 24-month-old identical twins had language

Femoral head bones of different species illustrating the size range in the hominin lineage. From top to bottom: Australopithecus afarensis (4-3 million years; ~40 kg, 130 cm); Homo ergaster (1.9-1.4 million years; 55-60 kg; ~165 cm); Neanderthal (200.000-30.000 years; ~70 kg; ~163 cm). Credit: University of Cambridge A wide-ranging new study of fossils spanning over

This is a chip-scale glass microspherical shell sensor array blown on a silicon substrate. Insert is a near-perfect spherical shell. Credit: Tadigadapa Lab/Penn State In London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, a whisper can be heard far across the circular whispering gallery as the sound curves around the walls. Now, an optical whispering gallery mode resonator developed

The Burton lab studies tiny, plastic particles as a model for more complex systems. The particles are suspended in a vacuum chamber filled with a plasma — ionized argon gas. Credit: Justin Burton, Emory University Physicists at Emory University have shown how a system of lifeless particles can become “life-like” by collectively switching back and

Researchers have found a critical piece of the puzzle of human deafness. Credit: © Brian Jackson / Fotolia A new Tel Aviv University study solves a critical piece of the puzzle of human deafness by identifying the first group of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in the auditory system. “The research on long non-coding RNAs is

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