Next time a flu epidemic hits your area, putting everyone in bed, rejoice: it may mean that the recession is over. Credit: © cassis / Fotolia A study by Bocconi’s Jérôme Adda shows that epidemics spread faster during economic booms because more people are traveling and finds that school shutdowns and transportation network closures are

A new University of Colorado Boulder study shows how Paralympic sprinters are slowed by curves. Credit: Photo courtesy Applied Biomechanics Lab, University of Colorado A University of Colorado Boulder study shows that when rounding curves, Paralympic sprinters wearing left-leg prostheses are slowed more than athletes with right-leg amputations — a disadvantage that could cost them

This image shows from sea to table to trash how seafood is wasted. Credit: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future As much as 47 percent of the edible U.S. seafood supply is lost each year, mainly from consumer waste, new research from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) suggests. The findings,

Fear of something or some people within the group can cause people within a group to work better together. Credit: © ARochau / Fotolia Everyone benefits when cooperation runs smoothly However, people often act obstructively. Why do they do that? Professor of Social Psychology Carsten de Dreu researches this issue using a wide variety of

Rosy future? People tend to believe that others will come around to their point of view over time. Credit: © Syda Productions / Fotolia People tend to believe that others will come around to their point of view over time, according to findings from a series of studies published in Psychological Science, a journal of

Watered streets of Houston. Credit: © Irina K. / Fotolia Southern cities such as Houston and Tampa — which faced the wrath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively — may not be the only urban environments vulnerable to extreme weather. Northern cities also face the potential for flooding as global temperatures continue to warm. In

The STEM enrichment activities have been running to encourage more children to develop science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. Credit: © wckiw / Fotolia Enrichment activities to encourage pupils to study science and technology subjects have made no difference to their performance in mathematics exams, new research shows. Data shows children who didn’t take

The interactions between team mates and opponents in basketball are constantly influencing each other while the game itself allows for creative behaviours to emerge. This phenomenon resembles the way in which living things must continually evolve in order to survive in nature, say scientists. Credit: © Monkey Business / Fotolia Behind the apparent randomness of

The artist’s rendering shows how potential wells are created for the light in the microresonator through heating with an external laser beam (green). Credit: David Dung, Universität Bonn Light particles (photons) occur as tiny, indivisible portions. Many thousands of these light portions can be merged to form a single super-photon if they are sufficiently concentrated

In 2014, when the carbon emissions growth was almost at a standstill, the world’s economy continued to grow by 3%. Credit: © kristo74 / Fotolia After a decade of rapid growth in global CO₂ emissions, which increased at an average annual rate of 4%, much smaller increases were registered in 2012 (0.8%), 2013 (1.5%) and

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