Hydrolytic enzymes break down cellulose better and thus pave the way to competitive biofuels. In the picture: Manuel Eibinger, first author of the study and PostDoc at the Institute for Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering at TU Graz. Credit: © Lunghammer – TU Graz Biofuels obtained from biomass are becoming increasingly important. Apart from biomethane, however,

A volunteer receives an injection in the PREVAIL Ebola vaccine clinical trial in Liberia. Credit: PREVAIL Results from a large randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial in Liberia show that two candidate Ebola vaccines pose no major safety concerns and can elicit immune responses by one month after initial vaccination that last for at least one year.

Human spine. Credit: © hamara / Fotolia Chronic pain affects up to 20% of people in developed countries, and represents not only a profound impact on individuals and their families but also a sizeable burden on employers, health care systems, and society in general. Now, a study published in the Journal of Pain Research finds

Bacteria that live in the body, known as the microbiome, influence many diseases. Credit: © Ivan / Fotolia In a newly published study, Cleveland Clinic researchers have uncovered differences in the bacterial composition of breast tissue of healthy women vs. women with breast cancer. The research team has discovered for the first time that healthy

Psoriasis on elbow. Credit: © hriana / Fotolia About 80 percent of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis saw their disease completely or almost completely cleared with a new drug called ixekizumab, according to three large, long-term clinical trials led by Northwestern Medicine. The results of these phase III trials were compiled in a paper

Some defects could be prevented with a fever reducer, research in animals suggests. Credit: © Syda Productions / Fotolia Researchers have known for decades that fevers in the first trimester of pregnancy increase risk for some heart defects and facial deformities such as cleft lip or palate. Exactly how this happens is unclear. Scientists have

Cleft palate in a Pax9-/- embryo. Credit: Rena D’Souza Researchers at University of Utah Health clarified a molecular pathway responsible for the formation of cleft palate and identified a new treatment to reverse this defect in mouse pups in-utero. These findings, published on September 5 in the journal Development, offer a new way to think

A San Diego VA study among Veterans with chronic low back pain found that those who completed a 12-week yoga program had better scores on a disability questionnaire, improved pain intensity scores, and a decline in opioid use. Credit: Kevin Walsh In a study including 150 military veterans with chronic low back pain, researcher Dr.

Heart attacks occur more frequently in winter. Credit: © ibreakstock / Fotolia A 16 year study in more than 280,000 patients has suggested that air temperature is an external trigger for heart attack. The findings are presented today at ESC Congress. “There is seasonal variation in the occurrence of heart attack, with incidence declining in

Blood-brain-barrier spheroids present high level of efflux pump (left: green) and tight junctions (center and right: green) on the surface of each spheroid to keep foreign molecules out. Credit: Courtesy of Choi-Fong Cho, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Delivering drugs to the brain is no easy task. The blood-brain barrier -a protective sheath of tissue that

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