This is methane gas leakage near a well. Credit: ROV KIEL6000, GEOMAR The pictures went around the world. In April 2010, huge amounts of methane gas escaped from a well below the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico. This “blow-out” caused an explosion, in which eleven people died. For several weeks, oil spilled

An artist’s depiction of the promise of carbon nanotube porins for desalination. The image depicts a stylized carbon nanotube pipe that delivers clean desalinated water from the ocean to a kitchen tap. Credit: Image by Ryan Chen/LLNL Lawrence Livermore scientists, in collaboration with researchers at Northeastern University, have developed carbon nanotube pores that can exclude

The black hole named Cygnus X-1 formed when a large star caved in. This black hole pulls matter from the blue star beside it. Credit: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss Physicists have described how observations of gravitational waves limit the possible explanations for the formation of black holes outside of our galaxy; either they are spinning more slowly than

Fish are expected to shrink dramatically in warmer waters. Credit: Lindsay Lafreniere Fish are expected to shrink in size by 20 to 30 per cent if ocean temperatures continue to climb due to climate change. A new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia provides a deeper explanation of why fish are expected

This is a driver inside the car. The inset shows his eye movement. Credit: Otto Lappi All drivers know from personal experience that they must keep their eyes on the road when driving through curves. But how exactly does looking at the road guide the car through the curve? Cognitive scientist Otto Lappi’s dissertation at

After conducting a new research approach using actual commutes, a group of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis discovered a simple shift in driving habits can help to reduce those risks while out on the road. Credit: Washington University in St. Louis For many, the commute to and from work is a lengthy, stressful

CarbFix I pilot CO2 injection site during wireline diamond drilling to recover a 150 m of core from the CO2 storage reservoir in 2014 (~2 years after CO2 injection). Steam emissions from the Hellisheidi geothermal powerplant are visible in the background. Credit: Photo by Juerg Matter An international team of scientists have found a potentially

Surface-level ozone, also known as smog, has increased over the past quarter century at western US rural sites during springtime, partly due to rising Asian pollution, whereas smog has decreased in the eastern US but can spike due to heat waves, according to a new study from Princeton University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

An economic model developed by UCR researchers demonstrates how blending wastewater from various treatment processes could produce irrigation water with nutrients that are beneficial to specific crops and is more affordable. Credit: Quynh K. Tran Recycled wastewater is increasingly touted as part of the solution to California’s water woes, particularly for agricultural use, as the

Aerial view of sewage water treatment plant. (Stock image) Credit: © josefkubes / Fotolia The use of untreated wastewater from cities to irrigate crops downstream is 50 percent more widespread than previously thought, according to a new study published this week in the journal Environmental Research Letters. The study relies on advanced modeling methods to

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