Rice University’s latest new dual-function bioscilloscope uses a Light Plate Apparatus, or LPA, that is outfitted with the spectral LEDs. Credit: Image courtesy of Karl Gerhardt/Rice University Rice University bioengineers who specialize in creating tools for synthetic biology have unveiled the latest version of their “biofunction generator and “bioscilloscope,” an optogenetic platform that uses light

Engineered bacteria not exposed to inflammatory signals do not turn on the memory circuit and thus remain colorless. In the presence of the inflammatory chemical tetrathionate, the memory circuit switches on and colors the engineered bacteria blue. Credit: Wyss Institute and Harvard Medical School The microbiome, or the collections of microorganisms present in the body,

This schematic diagram shows the overall conceptualization of how metabolically engineered E. coli produced TPA from pX. The engineered E. coli was developed through reconstituting a synthetic metabolic pathway for pX conversion to TPA and optimized for increased TPA yield and byproduct elimination. Two-phase partitioning fermentation system was developed for demonstrating the feasibility of large-scale

In the periplasm — the space between the inner and outer membranes of a bacteria’s cell wall — defensive proteins that detect a poison assemble like barrel staves to form a tunnel between pumps in the cell’s inner and outer membranes to eject the intruders. Artist’s conception by Ace George Santiago. Credit: Ace George Santiago,

Kansas State University postdoctoral researcher James Nifong documents widespread American alligators’ predation of four species of shark like this nurse shark. Credit Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service J.N. ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Refuge to use the photo. Jaws, beware! Alligators may be coming for you, according to a Kansas State University researcher. While the

Pumas are not the loners they were once thought to be. Credit: © outdoorsman / Fotolia Pumas, long known as solitary carnivores, are more social than previously thought, according to a new Panthera study published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances. The findings provide the first evidence of complex social strategies in any solitary carnivore

Horse making demands: The horse a) lightly pushes and b) looks at the caretaker standing outside the paddock. Food is hidden inside one of the two silver buckets behind them. When horses cannot obtain this food by themselves, they give humans visual and tactile signals. Credit: Image courtesy of Kobe University A new study has

Horses are grazing annual warm-season forages in St. Paul, Minnesota. Credit: Michelle DeBoer When you picture a horse, you may imagine it grazing contentedly in a grassy pasture. Grazing lets horses move around naturally outdoors and socialize with other horses. And grass is an easily available, nutritious feed that horses like eating. If you have

Getting caught in fishing nets is a major cause of death for the increasingly endangered New Zealand sea lion, according to new research from New Zealand’s University of Otago, Massey University and the University of Toronto. Credit: Louise Chilvers Getting caught in fishing nets is a major cause of death for the increasingly endangered New

A humpback whale feeds in waters off Vancouver. Image taken from an unmanned hexacopter, with a research license issued by Fisheries and Oceans Canada #2014-5 SARA-327. Credit: Photo by John Durban (NOAA), Holly Fearnbach (SR3) and Lance Barrett- Lennard (Coastal Ocean Research Institute) A new study by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and colleagues

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