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When robots help with shopping

The IFL PiRo robot detects the objects desired and automatically puts them into shopping baskets. Credit: Laila Tkotz, KIT Today, the desired book, toy or household...
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Migraine sufferers have more nitrate-reducing microbes in their mouths

Many of the 38 million Americans who suffer from migraines report an association between consuming nitrates and their severe headaches. Credit: © amazingmikael / Fotolia Researchers...
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Risks vary widely in drone-human impacts

Researchers collect drone impact data at an athletics facility on Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus under the direction of the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership...
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LIGO and Virgo observatories jointly detect black hole collision

This is an aerial view of the Virgo site showing the Mode-Cleaner building, the Central building, the three kilometer-long west arm and the beginning...
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Haplobank: A biobank of reversible mutant embryonic stem cells

Haplobank contains over 100,000 mutated, conditional mouse embryonic stem cell lines, targeting about 70% of the protein-coding genome. Credit: (c)Izabella Kaminski Scientist at IMBA developed a...
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Songbird populations may indicate trouble in northwestern forests

Purple finches, indicators of healthy coniferous habitat, are declining in the Northwest, according to data from the Klamath Bird Observatory. Credit: J. Livaudais Populations of many...
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Tracing the evolution of bird reproduction

Birds' reproductive strategies have gone through a series of stages, from dinosaurs to today. Credit: D. Anduza What really did come first -- the chicken or...
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Pigeons better at multitasking than humans

Sara Letzner had humans compete against pigeons in a behavioural experiment. Credit: © RUB, Marquard Pigeons are capable of switching between two tasks as quickly as...
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New manufacturing process for SiC power devices opens market to more competition

Silicon carbide power devices, like the one shown here, are more efficient than their silicon counterparts. Credit: NC State University Researchers from North Carolina State University...
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Spinning a lighter, safer electrode

Drexel researchers have developed a solid-state, free-standing electrode that can make energy storage devices safer by eliminating their flammable electrolyte solution. The electrode uses...
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New quantum phenomena in graphene superlattices

This is an example of the Hofstadter butterfly phenomenon. Credit: The University of Manchester A team of Graphene Flagship researchers led by the University of Manchester...