Probiotics may relieve symptoms of depression, suggests a new study. Credit: © WrightStudio / Fotolia Probiotics may relieve symptoms of depression, as well as help gastrointestinal upset, research from McMaster University has found. In a study published in the medical journal Gastroenterology, researchers of the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute found that twice as

The report found strong evidence that drinking the equivalent of a small glass of wine or beer a day (about 10 grams alcohol content) increases pre-menopausal breast cancer risk by 5 percent and post-menopausal breast cancer risk by 9 percent. Credit: © petrrgoskov / Fotolia Drinking just one glass of wine or other alcoholic drink

Why dieting doesn’t always result in losing weight. Key brain cells act as a trigger to prevent us burning calories when food is scarce. Credit: © rodimovpavel / Fotolia A study carried out in mice may help explain why dieting can be an inefficient way to lose weight: key brain cells act as a trigger

These are MRIs of healthy (left) and a patient with a mutation that increases CCM formation (right). These lesions can cause blood to leak into the tissue. Credit: Photo courtesy of Kahn lab A study in mice and humans suggests that bacteria in the gut can influence the structure of the brain’s blood vessels, and

Adam Goldfarb, MD, (left) and Kamal Elagib, MBBS, PhD, examine the effects of flipping the “master switch” they discovered. One set of cells displays characteristics of infantile megakaryocytes, while the other displays characteristics of adult megakaryocytes. The ability to toggle between the two could be a big benefit to doctors. Credit: Josh Barney | UVA

A new study shows that large structural variants in human glycophorin genes, which are unusually common in Africa, are protective against malarial disease. Credit: © jarun011 / Fotolia Researchers have discovered that protection from the most severe form of malaria is linked with natural variation in human red blood cell genes. A study from the

Lutein helps with the preservation of “crystallized intelligence” and is acquire through the diet, primarily through eating leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, or egg yolks. Credit: © nyul / Fotolia A study of older adults links consumption of a pigment found in leafy greens to the preservation of “crystallized intelligence,” the ability

The human brain actively develops until a person reaches their early twenties. Studies suggest that adults who smoked pot regularly during adolescence exhibit reduced neural connectivity in regions responsible for memory, learning and inhibitions. Credit: © Shane / Fotolia When high school students started smoking marijuana regularly they were less likely to get good grades

Dr. Stefanie Heilmann-Heimbach and Prof. Markus Nöthen from the Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Bonn, in collaboration with colleagues, identified over 60 alterations in the human genome that increase the risk of premature hair loss. Some of them are also associated with illnesses such as prostate cancer or characteristics such as small

Common cold. Credit: © kmiragaya / Fotolia According to a meta-analysis of three randomized controlled trials zinc acetate lozenges may increase the rate of recovery from the common cold three fold. On the fifth day, 70% of the zinc lozenge patients had recovered compared with 27% of the placebo patients. The effect of zinc acetate

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