Study of separated and active service member couples finds those who communicate better get benefits of better sleep Service members, including both active and recently separated, have been called upon to fight overseas and to assist during natural disasters at home. They can face unique challenges when they return in both the workplace and at

New research finds that misinformation on climate change can psychologically cancel out the influence of accurate statements.Image Credit:Flickr/Takver In medicine, vaccinating against a virus involves exposing a body to a weakened version of the threat, enough to build a tolerance. Social psychologists believe that a similar logic can be applied to help “inoculate” the public

There are several instances in life when being able to change one’s feelings of love might be useful and even beneficial for emotional health and well-being.Image credit: Flickr/Pia Kristine When University of Missouri–St. Louis psychology faculty member Sandra Langeslag tells people that she researches love, the reactions she gets are mixed. Students immediately lean in.

A new study shows that, relative to children and adults, adolescents are less interested in information that would help them to gauge the risks of their behavior. Image Credit: Flickr/brookpeterson Adolescents are more likely to ignore information that could prompt them to rethink risky decisions. This may explain why information campaigns on risky behaviors such

A new study finds that whether we talk fast or slow we all communicate about the same amount of information in a given time. Credit: Brown University The purpose of speech is communication, not speed—so perhaps some new research findings, while counterintuitive, should come as no surprise. Whether we speak quickly or slowly, the new

Risk of a fatal cardiovascular disease due to depression is almost as great as that due to elevated cholesterol levels or obesity. Image credit:Flickr/HAMZA BUTT Depression poses a risk for cardiovascular diseases in men that is just as great as that posed by high cholesterol levels and obesity. This is according to a report recently

An example of the communicative power of emojis in reducing ambiguity in eritten discourse. Credit: Trends in Cognitive Sciences More than 90% of online populations now incorporate emojis and emoticons into their texts and emails, and researchers are wondering what the use of (~_^), (>_<), or =D can reveal about human behavior. Early studies have

Swearing is often inappropriate but it can also be evidence that someone is telling you their honest opinion. Just as they aren’t filtering their language to be more palatable, they’re also not filtering their views. Image Credit: Flickr/thinkpublic It’s long been associated with anger and coarseness but profanity can have another, more positive connotation. Psychologists

Children don’t have to completely disengage with superhero culture, but parents should foster a wide variety of interests and talk to their kids about media influences, according to new research from BYU. Credit: Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo There’s a lot of good that kids can take away from watching their favorite superheroes — defending and protecting

When we feel ostracised, we’re more likely to behave aggressively. Previous research suggests that vengeance on those who we think have wronged us can be driven by a sense of justice, and may activate neural reward centres. But being ostracised can also lead to generalised aggression, even lashing out at unrelated people, so there seems

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