Hydrogenation forms a mixture of lithium amide and hydride (light blue) as an outer shell around a lithium nitride particle (dark blue) nanoconfined in carbon. Nanoconfinement suppresses all other intermediate phases to prevent interface formation, which has the effect of dramatically improving the hydrogen storage performance. Credit: Sandia National Laboratories Sometimes, you have to go

A photonic crystal chip is illuminated with violet laser light that is patterned by a spatial light modulator. The patterned laser light effectively cancels atomic-scale disorder. Credit: Utrecht University Nanophotonic circuits, tiny chips which filter and steer light, suffer from small random variations which degrade the transmission of light. Researchers have now found a way

The frames here show an example of an original galaxy image (left), the same image deliberately degraded (second from left), the image after recovery with the neural net (second from right), and the image processed with deconvolution, the best existing technique (right). Credit: K. Schawinski / C. Zhang / ETH Zurich. Telescopes, the workhorse instruments

Schematic of the model. The “Law of the jungle” where every agent (in blue) can grab wealth (in red) from any other to fill its available opportunities (circles). The market power is optimized by a polarized society where agents with most opportunities get all their opportunities satisfied. Credit: PLOS ONE (2017) In a new study

Electron shell diagram for Actinium, the 89th element in the periodic table of elements.Image credit: Wikimedia Little is known about the heaviest, radioactive elements in Mendeleev’s table. But an extremely sensitive technique involving laser light and gas jets makes it possible for the very first time to gain insight into their atomic and nuclear structure.

The experimental setup for measuring specific heat includes a suspended Si membrane (the ‘nano trampoline’) a thin copper meander used as a heater, and a thin niobium nitride film acting as a thermometer. The two dimensional superconductors are prepared by evaporation of lead from a heated basket. Credit: Shahar Medalion A research group from Bar-Ilan

Coreless optical fibre: If a photonic crystal fibre is twisted, it does not require a core with a different refractive index to trap light at its centre. Credit: Science 2016/MPI for the Science of Light Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen have discovered a new mechanism for guiding

‘Caged’ non-fluorescent carbon dot enters the cancer cell, loses its caging and lights up. Credit: University of Illinois Tiny carbon dots have, for the first time, been applied to intracellular imaging and tracking of drug delivery involving various optical and vibrational spectroscopic-based techniques such as fluorescence, Raman, and hyperspectral imaging. Researchers from the University of

An artist’s rendering of mechanical metamaterials. Credit: Cockrell School of Engineering Engineers and scientists at The University of Texas at Austin and the AMOLF institute in the Netherlands have invented the first mechanical metamaterials that easily transfer motion effortlessly in one direction while blocking it in the other, as described in a paper published on

Scientists at their sorting machine for Atoms (from left): Dr. Andrea Alberti, Carsten Robens, Prof. Dr. Dieter Meschede, Dr. Wolfgang Alt and Stefan Brakhane.Credit: Copyright Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn Physicists at the University of Bonn have cleared a further hurdle on the path to creating quantum computers: in a recent study, they present a method with

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