These images show the orbital paths of electrons trapped within a circular region within graphene. In the classical orbit (top image), an electron that travels in a complete circuit has the same physical state as when it started on the path. However, when an applied magnetic field reaches a critical value, (bottom image), an electron

The method involves overlapping ultrashort laser pulses in a mixture of water droplets in liquid oil and detecting photons that are scattered only from the interface. Credit: © EPFL/Julia Jacobi Chair of Photomedicine – Laboratory for Fundamental BioPhotonic Nanometric-sized water drops are everywhere — in the air as droplets or aerosols, in our bodies as

This is an artistic view of the decay of a quantum-mechanical monopole into a Dirac monopole. Credit: Image by Heikka Valja. Scientists at Amherst College (USA) and Aalto University (Finland) have made the first experimental observations of the dynamics of isolated monopoles in quantum matter. The new study provided a surprise: the quantum monopole decays

Physicists Steve Sabbagh and Jack Berkery in front of the National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade (NSTX-U) Credit: Elle Starkman Physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have helped develop a new computer model of plasma stability in doughnut-shaped fusion machines known as tokamaks. The new model incorporates recent findings gathered

UCI physicist Jing Xia (right, with graduate student Alex Stern) calls the fiber-optic Sagnac interferometer he built the most sensitive magnetic microscope in the world. He compares it to a telescope that an ornithologist in Irvine could use to inspect the eye of a bird in New York. Credit: Steve Zylius / UCI UCI physicist

Artist’s abstraction (stock image). Hypothetically, matter can have negative mass in the same sense that an electric charge can be either negative or positive. With negative mass, if you push something, it accelerates toward you. Credit: © ktsdesign / Fotolia Washington State University physicists have created a fluid with negative mass, which is exactly what

Credit: Ventsislav Valev University of Bath scientists have used gold spring-shaped coils 5,000 times thinner than human hairs with powerful lasers to enable the detection of twisted molecules, and the applications could improve pharmaceutical design, telecommunications and nanorobotics. Molecules, including many pharmaceuticals, twist in certain ways and can exist in left or right ‘handed’ forms depending

This is an analyzed snapshot of a moment of turbulent flow, in this case, an exact coherent structure (ECS). Credit: Georgia Tech / Schatz / Grigoriev An old adage holds that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can trigger a tornado in Texas weeks later. Though chaos theory says it’s basically impossible to

Visual comparison of printed surface before smoothing (1), with smoothing by conventional methods (2) and by 3D-CMF (3). CMF result (a-3) is more uniform than polishing (a-2), and CMF (b-3) accurately preserves more desired surface detail than solvent vapor method (b-2).Credit: Waseda University Waseda University researchers have developed a process to dramatically improve the quality

A scanning electron microscope image of the quantum dot used in this research. We formed the quantum dot by applying voltage to surface gate electrodes. Electron spin states can be read out by measuring the electric current flowing nearby the dot (white arrow).Credit: Osaka University Quantum dots are very small particles that exhibit luminescence and

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