This is an analyzed snapshot of a moment of turbulent flow, in this case, an exact coherent structure (ECS). Credit: Georgia Tech / Schatz / Grigoriev An old adage holds that the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can trigger a tornado in Texas weeks later. Though chaos theory says it’s basically impossible to

Visual comparison of printed surface before smoothing (1), with smoothing by conventional methods (2) and by 3D-CMF (3). CMF result (a-3) is more uniform than polishing (a-2), and CMF (b-3) accurately preserves more desired surface detail than solvent vapor method (b-2).Credit: Waseda University Waseda University researchers have developed a process to dramatically improve the quality

A scanning electron microscope image of the quantum dot used in this research. We formed the quantum dot by applying voltage to surface gate electrodes. Electron spin states can be read out by measuring the electric current flowing nearby the dot (white arrow).Credit: Osaka University Quantum dots are very small particles that exhibit luminescence and

A semiconductor crystal has shown an unprecedented capacity to shape ultrashort laser pulses.Credit: Fabian Langer, Regensburg University Extremely short, configurable “femtosecond” pulses of light demonstrated by an international team could lead to future computers that run up to 100,000 times faster than today’s electronics. The researchers, including engineers at the University of Michigan, showed that

A holmium (Ho) and a iron (Fe) atom placed on a MgO substrate are the components for the world’s smallest memory device. Ho is used as a storage medium and Fe as a sensor were. The magnetism of the holmium atom can be changed or read by flowing current through the STM tip.Credit: IBS One

The way of how the light with different wavelengths influences on a MOF crystal: different types of excitons are showed in red and blue (left). Image of crystals (right).Image Credit:ITMO University Russian physicists with their colleagues from Europe through changing the light parameters, learned to generate quasiparticles – excitons, which were fully controllable and also

The idealized picture of space and time in general relativity assigns an ideal clock to each point in space, which tick evenly without being influenced by the nearby clocks. However, when quantum mechanical and gravitational effects are taken into account, this picture is no longer tenable, as the clocks mutually disturb each other and hands

Researchers have created the world’s first time crystal, an exotic state of matter that combines the rigidity of an ordinary crystal with a regular rhythm in time.Credit: E. Edwards/JQI Salt, snowflakes and diamonds are all crystals, meaning their atoms are arranged in 3-D patterns that repeat. Today scientists are reporting in the journal Nature on

A proposed diamond probe stimulates magnetic moments (aligned electrons) in the material being studied, which then act upon the magnetic field of the probe itself and thus can be measured. Credit: Michael Flatte, University of Iowa Physicists at the University of Iowa have proposed a new technique to detect and measure materials that give off

From compasses used in ancient overseas navigation to electrical motors, sensors, and actuators in cars, magnetic materials have been a mainstay throughout human history. In addition, almost all information that exists in contemporary society is recorded in magnetic media, like hard drive disks. A team of researchers at the Brazilian Center for Physics Research is

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