Image Credit: ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch a record 103 satellites — all but three of them foreign — at one go on a single rocket in the first week of February in what will be a major feat not attempted by any country. As India looks to grab a larger slice

A lay health worker or community ‘Grandmother’ conducting a problem solving therapy session with a patient on the Friendship Bench.Image Credit: Grand Challenges Canada / ZAPP In Zimbabwe study, Friendship Bench therapy reduces prevalence of depression to <14%, compared to 50% in control group; First at-scale model of community mental health care in Africa has

Image Credit: Flickr/Michael Havens Follow Efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act could take away health insurance from millions of Californians, while also eliminating 209,000 jobs and costing the state economy $20.3 billion in GDP, says a new report from the Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Center researchers conclude

CERN.Credit: Image courtesy of CERN In a paper published today in the journal Nature, the ALPHA collaboration reports the first ever measurement on the optical spectrum of an antimatter atom. This achievement features technological developments that open up a completely new era in high-precision antimatter research. It is the result of over 20 years of

The National MagLab’s new series connected hybrid (SCH) magnet successfully broke the record this week during a series of tests conducted by engineers and scientists. Credit: Florida State University After a decade of planning, designing and building, the Florida State University-based National High Magnetic Field Laboratory now has the strongest magnet in the world for

USB stick that tests for HIV. Credit: Imperial College London / DNA Electronics Scientists have developed a type of HIV test on a USB stick. The device, created by scientists at Imperial College London and DNA Electronics, uses a drop of blood to detect HIV, and then creates an electrical signal that can be read

Image Credit: Wikipedia The medals to be distributed to athletes at 2020 Tokyo Olympic  will be made from recycled and obsolete electronic products, organizers announced on Wednesday, as they look to give the Games an environmentally friendly hue. “Medals made with recycled metals from discarded mobile phones and other electronic products can be a symbol of

Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain If you’re reading about the US election, some of that news is likely to come to you from a “bot.” Automated systems known as “bots” or “robo-journalism” have been around for years, but they are playing a bigger role in coverage this year amid technology advances and stretched media resources.

Engineers conduct a white light inspection on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope in the clean room at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland.Credits: NASA/Chris Gunn Engineers and technicians working on the James Webb Space Telescope successfully completed the first important optical measurement of Webb’s fully assembled primary mirror, called a Center of Curvature test.

The sapphire crystal on display at the University of Adelaide. Credit: University of Adelaide The world’s most precise clock has been fine-tuned to boost radar and GPS capabilities. The Cryogenic Sapphire Oscillator, or Sapphire Clock, has been enhanced by researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia to achieve near attosecond capability. The oscillator

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