Image credit: Flickr/jypsygen Americans may be consuming fast food wrapped in paper treated with perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) — the same chemicals used in stain-resistant products, firefighting materials and nonstick cookware, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Researchers tested more than 400 samples of packaging materials, including hamburger and

Melissa Benoit, with her husband Chris and their daughter Olivia, celebrates her 33rd birthday last November seven months after surgeons removed her severely infected lungs, replacing them with healthy donor lungs six days later.Credit: Courtesy Melissa Benoit In a bold and very challenging move, thoracic surgeons at Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network removed severely

Google main campus.Credit: Flickr/Niharb Alphabet’s Google has been pushing advertisements for the company’s own products into prime online real estate, potentially in conflict with other advertisers, according to a new investigation by The Wall Street Journal. In 25,000 searches related to items such as “speakers,” “watches,” and, “phones,” products sold by Google and its sister companies

Pollution haze over South East London, through a window in a viewing area of the 95-storey skyscraper The Shard, the tallest building in Britain, in London, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017. The London mayor’s office says the city is experiencing a period of air pollution with pollution readings moderate to high across the city. (AP Photo/Matt

A Netherlands train. Image Credit: Flickr/Sludge G As of the first of January this year, all public transport trains in the Netherlands are being powered by wind energy, the national railway company NS said Tuesday, calling it a world first. Dutch electricity company Eneco won a tender launched by NS two years ago and the

The cancer death rate dropped from its peak of 215.1 (per 100,000 population) in 1991 to 161.2 (per 100,000 population) in 2014, the latest year for which data was available to analyze. Image Credit: Flickr/stroudlisa A steady decline over more than two decades has resulted in a 25% drop in the overall cancer death rate

Sourcewater provides users with a list and interactive map of all available fresh and wastewater, treatment facilities, shippers, and other water-based services. Users can search based on price, location, water quality, and other parameters to reduce the distance, cost, and environmental impact of hauling water.Image: Christine Daniloff/MIT MIT alumnus Josh Adler MBA ’13 is a

Image Credit: ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch a record 103 satellites — all but three of them foreign — at one go on a single rocket in the first week of February in what will be a major feat not attempted by any country. As India looks to grab a larger slice

A lay health worker or community ‘Grandmother’ conducting a problem solving therapy session with a patient on the Friendship Bench.Image Credit: Grand Challenges Canada / ZAPP In Zimbabwe study, Friendship Bench therapy reduces prevalence of depression to <14%, compared to 50% in control group; First at-scale model of community mental health care in Africa has

Image Credit: Flickr/Michael Havens Follow Efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act could take away health insurance from millions of Californians, while also eliminating 209,000 jobs and costing the state economy $20.3 billion in GDP, says a new report from the Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Center researchers conclude

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