Areas burnt after the fire in Oia (Pontevedra) in which more than 1,800 hectares burned in 2013. Credit: Contando estrelas The impact of forest fires is becoming ever greater on the Iberian Peninsula and climate change is partly to blame. In order to evaluate the effect of an increase in temperatures, Spanish and Portuguese researchers

The impact of climate change in the Central Pyrenees has been greater since 1970, particularly in the spring and summer months. Credit: Javier Sigró The Iberian Peninsula is undergoing climate change, with temperatures on the rise, and mountain ranges are not exempt from this trend. A team of scientists has analysed regional climate series from

Gro?nland. Credit: Alfred-Wegener-Institut / Coen Hofstede During the last glacial period, within only a few decades the influence of atmospheric CO2 on the North Atlantic circulation resulted in temperature increases of up to 10 degrees Celsius in Greenland — as indicated by new climate calculations from researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute and the University

Genes, Environment, and the Risk for Autism: Environment factors (ozone) can interact with genetic factors (copy number variation) to produce an even higher risk for autism than expected by adding the two risk factors, one that might not be found by studying the factors independently. Credit: Penn State University A new analysis shows that individuals

Brookhaven Lab chemists Ping Liu and José Rodriguez helped to characterize structural and mechanistic details of a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas from water and carbon monoxide. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory Scientists have developed a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas while simultaneously using up carbon monoxide (CO). The discovery

This image shows a dated quarter section of the White Moon Cave stalagmite that spans the period of the Holocene anomaly. Credit: Jessica Oster, Vanderbilt University The weather report for California 8,200 years ago was exceptionally wet and stormy. That is the conclusion of a paleoclimate study that analyzed stalagmite records from White Moon Cave

In a new study, Professor Kumar and graduate student Meredith Richardson find that using corn for biofuel comes with greater environmental costs and fewer benefits than using corn for food. Credit: L. Brian Stauffer Corn is grown not only for food, it is also an important renewable energy source. Renewable biofuels can come with hidden

Nitrogen oxide is toxic in higher concentrations and classified as hazardous air pollutant. In addition, it contributes to the development of ground-level ozone. Credit: © Brian Jackson / Fotolia In metropolitan areas throughout Europe maximum permissible values of nitrogen oxide are consistently breached. It has been a challenge to determine how much each polluter contributes

By exposing a magnetically responsive droplet (purple) to a magnetic field, the scientists are able to exert pressure on the surrounding embryonic cells in order to study their response to mechanical forces Credit: Image courtesy of University of California – Santa Barbara Whether building organs or maintaining healthy adult tissues, cells use biochemical and mechanical

Map depicting the Amazon’s 19 sub-basins and the existing or under construction (green) and planned (yellow) hydroelectric dams. Credit: Illustration by Edgardo Latrubesse Hundreds of built and proposed hydroelectric dams may significantly harm life in and around the Amazon by trapping the flow of rich nutrients and modifying the climate from Central America to the

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