Male lion attack huge buffalo bull. Credit: © Alta Oosthuizen / Fotolia Populations of predators and their prey usually follow predictable cycles. When the number of prey increases — perhaps as their food supply becomes more abundant — predator populations also grow. When the predator population becomes too large, however, the prey population often plummets,

County-level annual damages in the median scenario for the climate from 2080 to 2099 under a business-as-usual emissions trajectory. Negative damages indicate economic benefits. Credit: Hsiang, Kopp, Jina, Rising, et al (2017). Unmitigated climate change will make the United States poorer and more unequal, according to a new study published in the journal Science. The

Men and women might speak with higher-pitched voices towards high status people because a low-pitched voice sounds dominant, particularly in men, while a high-pitched voice sounds relatively submissive. Credit: © pressmaster / Fotolia People tend to change the pitch of their voice depending on who they are talking to, and how dominant they feel, a

Musicians are monitored to determine how they anticipate one another’s moves. Credit: McMaster University Researchers at McMaster are one step closer to solving one of the mysteries of social interaction: how musicians communicate during a performance and anticipate one another’s moves without saying a word. The findings are important because a clearer appreciation of how

These are the coral fragments analyzed in this study. All pieces are small (3-5 cm in longest dimension). Specimens shown are after physical cleaning (in water). All specimens shown are corals of the genus Pocillopora, except 1C, which is Porites, and 3B, which is Montipora. Credit: R. Butler, UHM SOEST A team of researchers, led

Interactions through music help people to minimize feelings of prejudice while boosting empathy for others unlike themselves, a researcher has found. Credit: © biker3 / Fotolia Jake Harwood turned his lifelong hobby as a musician into a scholarly question: Could the sharing of music help ease interpersonal relations between people from different backgrounds, such as

Following social norms can sometimes be costly for individuals if norms require sacrifice for the good of the group. A new study sheds light on the power of norms and the origins of cooperation. Credit: © WavebreakMediaMicro / Fotolia How you dress, talk, eat and even what you allow yourself to feel — these often

Traditionally speaking, crystals — like salt, sugar or even diamonds — are simply periodic arrangements of atoms in a three-dimensional lattice. Credit: © MovingMoment / Fotolia Harvard physicists have created a new form of matter — dubbed a time crystal — which could offer important insights into the mysterious behavior of quantum systems. Traditionally speaking,

Type I landslides on Ceres are relatively round, large and have thick “toes” at their ends. They look similar to rock glaciers and icy landslides in Earth’s arctic. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA, taken by Dawn Framing Camera Massive landslides, similar to those found on Earth, are occurring on the asteroid Ceres. That’s according to a new study

To better understand how age impacts random behavior, researchers assessed more than 3,400 people aged 4 to 91 years old. Credit: © patpitchaya / Fotolia People’s ability to make random choices or mimic a random process, such as coming up with hypothetical results for a series of coin flips, peaks around age 25, according to

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