Artistic rendering of RNA-DNA interactions. A 3-D structure of tightly coiled DNA is depicted as the body of a dragon in Chinese myth. Interacting RNAs are depicted as hairs, whiskers and claws, which are essential for the dragon to function. Credit: Victor O. Leshyk Bioengineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a

The EHDs present in the cell are in an inhibited state (top left). Once the proteins bind to the membrane, they change to an active state and build chains that can deform the membrane and stabilize tubular deformations, as shown on top. Credit: Arthur Alves de Melo, MDC The EHDs present in the cell are

This visual abstract depicts the findings of McCoy et al., who show genome-wide interrogation of the functional differences between modern human and Neanderthal alleles reveals that Neanderthal-inherited sequences are not silent remnants of ancient interbreeding but have a measurable impact on gene expression that may contribute to phenotypic variation in modern humans. Credit: McCoy et

This pair of ‘ribbon diagram’ images compares the three-dimensional structures of two closely related proteins, determined by X-ray crystallography: (L) the HAP2 protein from the single-celled alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and (R) the fusion protein from dengue virus. Both proteins are necessary for fusion with a cell membrane, enabling both sexual reproduction (via the fusion of

Princeton University researchers have found that the roundworms Caenorhabditis elegans have a sure-fire method of ensuring a steady supply of a bacteria they eat — they grow their own. The worms move through patches of the bacteria Escherichia coli (red circle), which adhere to the worms’ sticky skin. As the worms move, they drop bacteria

A University of Toronto (U of T) study on fruit flies has uncovered a gene that could play a key role in obesity in humans. The paper published online this month in Genetics examines a “foraging gene” humans share in common with the flies, which plays multiple roles and is found in similar places, such

A genetically-modified mouse participated in the experiment.Credit:The A.N. Belozersky Institute Of Physico-Chemical Biology Synthetic compound developed in the Moscow State University slows down aging of mice with mutating A group of Russian and Swedish scientists just published a breakthrough paper, reporting results of a joint study by Lomonosov Moscow State University and Stockholm university. The

A powerful Northwestern University imaging tool is the first to measure the structure of isolated chromosomes without the use of fluorescent labels. Credit: Northwestern University Many of the secrets of cancer and other diseases lie in the cell’s nucleus. But getting way down to that level—to see and investigate the important genetic material housed there—requires

Researchers exposed a small intestinal cell culture model to the physiological equivalent of a meal’s worth of titanium oxide nanoparticles — 30 nanometers across — over four hours (acute exposure), or three meal’s worth over five days (chronic exposure). Credit: Gretchen Mahler The distribution of normal matter precisely determines gravitational acceleration in all common types

Genetics of male pattern baldness are shown. Credit: Douglas Robertson, University of Edinburgh Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology A genomic study of baldness identified more than 200 genetic regions involved in this common but potentially embarrassing condition. These genetic variants could be used to predict a man’s chance of severe hair loss. The

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