Altrichthys alelia (Alelia’s damselfish) is a new species of damselfish discovered in the Philippines. Unlike most coral reef fish, in this species the parents care for their young. Credit: Giacomo Bernardi The vast majority of coral reef fish produce large numbers of young that disperse into the ocean as larvae, drifting with the currents before

Heliconius erato butterfly (stock image). Credit: © Nneirda / Fotolia By analyzing both the genes that control color detecting photoreceptors and the structural components of the eye itself, University of California, Irvine evolutionary biologists have discovered male and female butterflies of one particular species have the unique ability to see the world differently from each

Zebra finch. Credit: Atticus Pinzón-Rodríguez Not only migratory birds use a built-in magnetic compass to navigate correctly. A new study from Lund University in Sweden shows that non-migratory birds also are able to use a built-in compass to orient themselves using the Earth’s magnetic field. The researchers behind the current study have received help from

This photograph shows Green Island moss bank with icebergs in background. Credit: Matt Amesbury In 2013, researchers studying mosses and microbes growing at the southern end of the Antarctic Peninsula documented unprecedented ecological change over the last 50 years, driven by warming temperatures. Now, the same research group has confirmed that those striking changes in

“The strength of the fiber is significantly better than any human-made, silk-based material to our knowledge, and on the same level as what can be found in nature from spiders,” says Daniel Söderberg, a researcher with the Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH. Credit: Image courtesy of KTH The Royal Institute of Technology Possibly the

Duke researchers have discovered that gut microbes can alter the action of their host organism’s genes. Mouse intestinal cells are outlined in red, with the cell nuclei stained blue and a protein called transcription factor Hnf4a stained green within the nuclei. Microbes were found to suppress Hnf4a in both mice and fish in a way

Bioprosthetic ovary. By removing a female mouse’s ovary and replacing it with a bioprosthetic ovary, the mouse was able to not only ovulate but also give birth to healthy pups. The moms were even able to nurse their young. Credit: Image courtesy of Northwestern University The brave new world of 3-D printed organs now includes

Blue marlin. Fishing typically removes the largest fish from the population. Credit: © go2dim / Fotolia Cohort after cohort, fishing typically removes large fish from the population and can lead to rapid evolutionary changes in exploited fish populations. A new study from the University of Turku, Finland, shows that removing the largest individuals from the

This research adds to our understanding of how bees — insects with a brain no bigger than a pinhead — can perform complex tasks. Credit: © sumikophoto / Fotolia Nicotine-laced nectar can speed up a bumblebee’s ability to learn flower colours, according to scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). The researchers used artificial

Researchers transplanted a transparent artificial forewing, or elytron, onto a Coccinella septempunctata seven-spotted ladybug (left) to observe its wing-folding process in detail. The artificial wing is made of ultraviolet light-cured resin and constructed from a silicon impression of the elytron’s undersurface. Credit: 2017 Kazuya Saito Japanese scientists have figured out how ladybugs fold their wings

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