The skeleton shows a photo of Burial M95-2 from Schela Cladovei (SC-1) attached. Credit: Copyright Clive Bonsall In human history, the transition from hunting and gathering to farming is a significant one. As such, hunter-gatherers and farmers are usually thought about as two entirely different sets of people. But researchers reporting new ancient DNA evidence

After being treated with an inhibitor of electrical synapses, about 25 percent of wild-type (WT) flatworms regenerated into double-headed forms (DH), while 72 percent regenerated as seemingly normal one-headed worms (CRPT). But further analysis showed that the normal-appearing flatworms in fact contained a hidden, double-headed pattern memory stored in a bioelectric network that causes fragments

This is an artistic reconstruction of Luskhan itilensis. Credit: Copyright Andrey Atuchin, 2017 A new species of a fossil pliosaur (large predatory marine reptile from the ‘age of dinosaur’) has been found in Russia and profoundly change how we understand the evolution of the group, says an international team of scientists. Spanning more than 135

The researchers conducted two experiments to test fence lizards’ stress response to non-lethal exposure to fire ants. Credit: Tracy Langkilde and Travis Robbins Lizards living in fire-ant-invaded areas are stressed. However, a team of biologists found that the lizards did not exhibit this stress as expected after extended fire ant exposure in socially stressful environments,

Blue whale surface feeding. Credit: © michaelpeak / Fotolia The blue whale, which uses baleen to filter its prey from ocean water and can reach lengths of over 100 feet, is the largest vertebrate animal that has ever lived. On the list of the planet’s most massive living creatures, the blue whale shares the top

Cowbird moms pay attention to the size of eggs in the nests they choose for egg-laying, a new study finds. Inset: Two cowbird eggs in the nest of a northern cardinal, with two (larger) eggs of its own. Credit: Photo by Loren Merrill; Inset photo by Scott Chiavacci Brown-headed cowbirds are unconventional mothers. Rather than

A new UT study by Vladimir Dinets shows that some snakes coordinate their hunts to increase their chances of success. He studied the Cuban boa, pictured. Credit: Vladimir Dinets Snakes, although as social as birds and mammals, have long been thought to be solitary hunters and eaters. A new study from the University of Tennessee,

Nerve cells (yellow) from the same parent cell are organized in 3-D columns that extend through the layers of the gut wall. Credit: Reena Lasrado Scientists have made an important step in understanding the organisation of nerve cells embedded within the gut that control its function — a discovery that could give insight into the

The newly discovered Elfin mountain toad (Ophryophryne elfina) is in its natural habitat. Credit: Nikolay A. Poyarkov Jr. Deep in the foggy, moss-covered forests of Southern Vietnam, herpetologists uncovered one of the smallest species of horned mountain toads. The name of the new amphibian (Ophryophryne elfina) derives from European mythology and translates to “elfish eyebrow

Top and side views produced by computer simulations show how water flows around the body of Parvancorina when the current is coming from the front (a), side (b) and rear (c). The arrows show the direction of the water flow and the colors represent its velocity (red and yellow are fast, blue and green are

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