You share more than just your living space with your partner. Credit: © Wesley / Fotolia Couples who live together share many things: Bedrooms, bathrooms, food, and even bacteria. After analyzing skin microbiomes from cohabitating couples, microbial ecologists at the University of Waterloo, in Canada, found that people who live together significantly influence the microbial

This image shows a patient with an eczema-like skin rash behind the knees as a result of primary immunodeficiency. Credit: The National Institutes of Health Our skin plays host to millions of beneficial and potentially disease-causing microorganisms; however, whether our immune system influences these microbial communities to prevent disease is unknown. In a study published

The development of eye freckles correlated with increasing age, lifetime number of sunburns and a history of severe sunburns resulting in blisters, report researchers. Credit: © Africa Studio / Fotolia In a study well-timed for summer, vision scientists have found that eye freckles, dark spots on the colored part of the eye (iris), are more

This is a view of the Mediano anticline, strata dipping to the left into the lake waters. This large-scale fold structure is a witness of ancient deformation associated with the rise of the Pyrenees in the middle Eocene, 45 Million years ago. Excellent exposure of rocks in this dry area allow today’s geologists to study

A magnetic folding robot arm can grasp and bend thanks to its pattern of origami-inspired folds and a wireless electromagnetic field. Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University The traditional Japanese art of origami transforms a simple sheet of paper into complex, three-dimensional shapes through a very specific pattern of folds, creases, and crimps. Folding robots

Besides affecting weight, scientists believe the timing of food consumption affects one’s circadian rhythms and may be the route by which dietary habits impact lifespan. Credit: © tatomm / Fotolia A new high-precision feeding system for lab mice reinforces the idea that the time of day food is eaten is more critical to weight loss

This is a female specimen of the new shrimp species Alpheus margaritae. Credit: Dr. José Salgado-Barragán CC-BY 4.0 Although the Santa María-La Reforma lagoon complex in the Gulf of California is one of the most important areas for shrimp fishery, little is known about the crustacean species that live in the burrows dug in the

Bat flying at night. Night-time flights are more elaborate than daytime ones. Bats continuously rise and dip in curved flight trajectories, using large movements to propel themselves. Credit: Image courtesy of The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) New research, complete with night-vision video recordings, helps elucidate how bats actually fly to find their

The mating songs of katydids, a greener, longer-legged cousin of crickets, have different acoustical characteristics that attract different species of bats. Credit: Alex Lang A new eavesdropping study of bats and katydids provides evidence that sensory differences can influence the “evolutionary arms race” between predators and prey. The findings appear in the journal Proceedings of

This is a dingo in the Australian bush. A new study shows the poisoning of dingoes has a deleterious effect on small native mammals such as marsupial mice, bandicoots and native rodents. Credit: Charlotte Mills Poisoning of dingoes — the top predators in the Australian bush — has a deleterious effect on small native mammals

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