Tropidogyne pentaptera. 100-million-year-old fossilized flower identified and named by OSU researchers George Poinar Jr. and Kenton Chambers. Credit: Image courtesy of George Poinar Jr., Oregon State University A Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex bulling its way through a pine forest likely dislodged flowers that 100 million years later have been identified in their fossilized form as

Walnuts. Credit: © Tim UR / Fotolia Research led by Lauri Byerley, PhD, RD, Research Associate Professor of Physiology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has found that walnuts in the diet change the makeup of bacteria in the gut, which suggests a new way walnuts may contribute to better health. The findings

Princeton University research suggests that idle conversation could be a social-bonding tool passed down from primates. The researchers found that ringtailed lemurs (above) use vocalizations far more selectively than previously thought, primarily exchanging calls with individuals with which they have close relationships. The findings could have implications for how scientists understand the evolution of primate

A panda in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve, snacks on bamboo. Efforts to conserve panda habitat have benefited both other animals and plants, but also has benefited humans by bolstering forests to sequester greenhouse gases, and retain water and soil. Credit: Sue Nichols, Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University Loving pandas isn’t just

This female mountain lion, known as F52, was collared in the Santa Ana range. She later died near a busy highway of unknown causes. Mountain lions in the Santa Ana range are effectively cut off from those on the other side of I-15, which strongly contributes to their genetic decay. If a dangerously inbred puma

Artist’s impression of how Victorian palaeontologists thought the Megalosaurus looked (R) is compared with how we now understand it to have looked (L). Credit: University of Warwick/Mark Garlick Pioneering technology has shed fresh light on the world’s first scientifically-described dinosaur fossil — over 200 years after it was first discovered — thanks to research by

Wolves and dogs are sensitive to inequity. Credit: Robert Bayer Not only dogs but also wolves react to inequity — similar to humans or primates. This has been confirmed in a new study by comparative psychologists of the Messerli Research Institute of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. Wolves and dogs refused to cooperate in

Younger capuchin monkeys turn to older animals to learn how to open Panama fruit. But even experienced monkeys will pick up a new technique that is more efficient. Credit: Photo by Brendan Barrett, UC Davis Wild capuchin monkeys readily learn skills from each other — but that social learning is driven home by the payoff

A new study reconfigures the elephant family tree, placing the giant extinct elephant Palaeoloxodon antiquus closer to the African forest elephant, Loxodonta cyclotis, than to the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus, which was once thought to be its closest living relative. Credit: Graphic by Asier Larramendi Eskorza and Julie McMahon New research reveals that a species

No experience with human speech is necessary for budgerigars to perceive the difference between ‘d’ and ‘t’, according to a study published May 31, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Mary Flaherty from The State University of New York, Buffalo, USA, and colleagues. Credit: Mary Flaherty; CCAL No experience with human speech is

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